I know you liked my Artwork. Well, you can even Purchase it now.

I’ve been Designing for quite a good time now. And for the regular Readers of this blog, they’ve already been witnessing the transition.

Let me get it straight now; Yes, this is a self-promotional blog post. I’ve started an Art Shop at PosterGully. Meaning, you can head on to PosterGully & start buying my artwork. Whoa! I’m so damn excited. Keep me excited by placing your orders 😛
Art-Shop_BlogNow, time for the obvious questions,

  • What is this PosterGully?
  • Is it even safe placing an order with PosterGully?
  • How good a quality can I expect?
  • How are you related to this PosterGully?
  • What range of products are available for sale?

Here are your answers,

  • PosterGully is like the Indian version of stores like Etsy & Society6. They’re an Artist driven online store, meaning they don’t own any copyrights over the designs they sell. Basically, they help poor Artists like me to monetize their designs which otherwise get faded away with time. Thank You PosterGully, the savior of many Designers including me.
  • Yup, absolutely safe. PosterGully is Visa, MasterCard, Paypal & American Express verified. And they also offer Cash on Delivery service.
  • I ordered a Moto G for self. And I can say it without any hesitation, PosterGully‘s quality of product is one of the finest.
  • Like I said just a few lines back, I upload my designs at PosterGully, it gets manually approved & done, you can start purchasing it. They give me my fare share as a commission.
  • For time being, you can shop the listed range of products,
    Wall Art, Mobile Cases, T-shirts, Mouse pads, Laptop Skins, Coasters, Greeting Cards & Posters.

Oh, I totally forgot, use the code PGARTIST to get a straight 15% off throughout the store on your first purchase. And you tell me I don’t love you 😐


4 thoughts on “I know you liked my Artwork. Well, you can even Purchase it now.

  1. What’s the guarantee for an artist that after uploading his high resolution artwork, postergully will correctly inform u about the number of sales that actually took place and pay commission accordingly?

    1. Hey Surbhi,
      Even I had the same concern when signing up for PosterGully. And let me tell you, there’s no legit way to know whether they are keeping a correct track of our sales. But, so far they have served me well & I believe they’re no fraud. They’re still growing, they’re planning to get better with the Artist Dashboard.

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