Torrents Never Got This Cleaner

We all are Movie Watchers for life. Movies are the most usual pass time of one & all. And also, 80% or more of the crowd watches movies from torrents. And this is pretty reasonable, we pay good amount of money for internet plans. So, why not optimize the internet usage, yeah?

Well, torrents are for free, but sort of hectic & full of spams. I bet, no first timer would have got right the download link in the first go. You click to open a page, turns out that wasn’t the link for one page. There are flashy, creepy, irritating ads all around the torrents. But then, what do you do? It’s the only way to save some bucks.

Yes, it was the only way to save some bucks until now. Here comes the rescuer, Popcorn Time (Superhero score plays in the background). Popcorn Time is the ultimate solution to watch movies for free that too without even downloading them.

Popcorn Time

Let me explain you how does Popcorn Time goes about being the ultimate solution to free movies.
Popcorn Time is an Open Source project made with ♥ by a bunch of geeks from All Around the World. To all those who’re thinking what does that even mean? Popcorn Time is an application software for Mac, Windows, Linux & Android based devices. It is dedicated to ease your experience of watching movies online. The best part of Popcorn Time is that you don’t have to wait for your movie to be downloaded. You can watch Movies/TV Series/Anime instantly right from the software itself. There’s a good dashboard with recommended & newly added movies & a super search bar where you can find all awesome movies that you’re willing to watch.

Let’s have a look at the dashboard of Popcorn Time,

Popcorn Time Dashboard

Just look at the design of this beautiful application software. It is clean, functional, minimal & smartly designed. You can watch Sci-Fi movies like Ex-Machina, Insurgent; Animated movies for the likes of Big Hero 6, Home & a lot more, it’s all there my dear friend.

Easy steps to watch your stuff (without downloading):

  • Visit
  • Download it for your PC or Android
  • Install it. It will ask for various firewall permissions, allow it all. Believe me, I’ve been using Popcorn Time for almost half an year now & haven’t seen it misbehaving with my device even for once.
  • Search for your Movies/TV Series/Anime
  • Click & play

Some key features of Popcorn Time:

  • Absolutely Free for All
  • No Ads, no spams
  • Easy search (saves a lot of time)
  • High quality content: 720p/1080p
  • Allows to watch movies instantly, no downloads, direct & quick stream
  • Inbuilt Video Player
  • Subtitles in 8+ languages

Alright, you’ve understood how awesome Popcorn Time is. Now the obvious question, how can something be so awesome that too for free? Well, Popcorn Time was developed by movie buffs from All Around the World who had this similar issues with torrents. I don’t exactly know who they are, but I know that are absolutely awesome & are striving hard to make world a better place. Popcorn Time downloads the content from torrents & runs is backgroud so that you can play your movies instantly. As I mentioned earlier, Popcorn Time is an Open Source project made available on Git. Open Source meaning you can contribute too.

For other Terms of Service & FAQs relating to the functioning of Popcorn Time, you can visit them at And for enjoying your favorite Movies/TV Series/Anime for free & without even downloading, download & start using Popcorn Time.


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