Designer Resume | Royalty Free PSD

*Happy Diwali* *Merry Christmas* *Happy Birthday*

The obvious questions would be,

  • Diwali in April?
  • Christmas in April?
  • Whose birthday is it?

The answer to all the above 3 questions is NO. There’s no Diwali or Christmas or birthday of anyone special in my circles. You would next ask, “Then why the hell are you wishing us for these occasions?” . Well, I would say that’s because there’s one common thing in between these 3 occasions & this particular one & that’s you getting a present.

Yes, you read it right. I’m giving away a free PSD of the Designer Resume I made. I’m a Web & Graphics Designer & I wanted my resume to reflect it. Hence, I thought of making this resume which may stand out from the crowd & may fetch me a job or  some sort of commission work in Designing.

I personally use many resources available on the internet. Internet has always been very kind to me. In fact, to all of us, provided we googled it right 😛 So, I thought of returning something to the internet. And here it is, I’m giving away a free PSD file of the Designer Resume which required a lot of thinking & Photoshop efforts from me.

Designer Resume


PSD File Details:

  • Editable PSD file
  • Size: International Paper (A4)
  • Color Mode: RGB Color (8 bit)
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels
  • Icons courtesy of freepik
  • Quote courtesy of #DGQuotes

Download the free PSD from here.

P. S. You can download & modify this free Designer Resume for your personal purpose only. Do not redistribute, resell or republish this Designer Resume on any other website or offline business without any prior written permission of the Original Artist.

Comments Section belongs to you people, let me know your thoughts on it. Also, let me know if you’re an Artist & wish to give something for free to the internet.


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