How to Download a Video from Facebook without using any Tool ?

Watched a trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron on the official Facebook page of Marvel. Damn, this video is awesome! I need this in my phone, let’s download it. Wait, where’s the download option? Facebook, you cheat, Y U No provide an option to download a video like your provide for an image?

After getting caught in this kind of situation, you’ll curse Facebook, look for a trick on the internet to download the f**king video & will be irritated when internet suggests you to follow a tedious procedure.
Say no more to that irritating & time consuming procedure. Follow these few ultra simple steps & enjoy your video.

Step 1: Play the video you wish to download

Download the Facebook Video 1

Step 2: Change the URL prefix from www to m

This will change the screen from Web view to Mobile view.

Download the Facebook Video 2

Step 3: Right click & select Save video as…

Download the Facebook Video 3

A job well done. Your video will be saved to your specified location.

Wasn’t that ultra easy? No help needed from other websites. DIY 😉

To download videos hosted on other platforms or websites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Dailymotion, etc. Read this article.


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