How I Found My Fit ? (Van Heusen My Fit Review)

How often has it been that you leave your home with a firm decision of buying yourself a new formal shirt or a trouser & just can’t find one? Well, this had happened with me a couple of times. I’m casual-wearing guy & don’t require formals on most of the occasions, but when I do, I require them immediately. The reason being my presentation or campus interview the next day. Now, am I supposed to prepare for the presentation or worry about finding my perfect fit? Most of the times, I don’t find one & then finally have to adjust with the ones I’ve found.

We’re different individuals in different shapes & sizes. We can’t expect a fashion brand to design clothes for each & every size. Tailor-made is the solution for such problem. But, is it an affordable solution? Tailor-made clothes require pretty much of efforts. You need to buy the fabric, find a tailor, give your sizes & then wait for long days to receive your dress. And on top of all, Fabric charges+Tailoring charges+Time invested = Pain in the ass.

So, what should we do? Don’t you worry, Van Heusen has something in stores for us. It’s called Van Heusen My Fit.
Van Heusen My Fit Intro

What is Van Heusen My Fit?

It’s an innovative solution that helps consumer break all these compromises and gives the power in their hands to find a garment that truly fits them – fits to their unique body or to their unique taste.

How do I order Van Heusen My Fit?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit a Van Heusen Store
    You can locate your nearest store from
  2. Ask for My Fit range. Any available employee will assist you in finding your My Fit
  3. Once, you’ve found your My Fit, select your desired fabric from the fabric book available at the store
  4. Note down the fabric numbers or ask the employee to email you the fabric details
  5. Head home & order your fit from the comfort of your chair/bed
    Visit to order your My Fit
  6. Wait until you receive your My Fit at your doorstep

P.S. You can pre-pay via Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking or select a Cash on Delivery option. Also, discounts of up to ₹. 600-700 can be availed while ordering.

Some unique features of Van Heusen My Fit:
My Fit Overview

My personal take on Van Heusen My Fit:

I was pretty satisfied with the entire ordering procedure. Van Heusen My FitIt didn’t take long after I made the online purchase order. The delivery was shipped to me within 5 days. Though I was expecting a call from the delivery guy to confirm my presence at home since it was a costlier order, I didn’t receive one. They should consider making a call before sending a delivery guy. Since, the delivery is done by GoJavas, we can’t put much blame on Van Heusen for this.

The packaging of the order was super protective. Van Heusen made sure to eliminate even a slight chance of damage being made to the order while delivery.


Also, the order had a well written appreciation letter with it, which I found very sweet. It’s a good gesture to thank your customer for purchasing your goods. I had to alter my trouser because I wasn’t quite sure about the length. But, this was no problem, Van Heusen store made sure I got it altered within 15 minutes. Van Heusen My Fit can certainly be the solution to your ever arising fitting issues.

Please note that My Fit is not a customization or a made-to-measure solution, despite it having a few customizable features. My Fit is a solution which helps you find the perfectly fitted shirt & trouser.


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