Bad Days – Superhero Parody Animated Video Series

Parodies are not just to make the fun of the original content. Parodies also aren’t always intended to insult or create an absurd image about the original work by their rivals. A Parody video is something that has been thought of beyond the conventional limits of creativity. It requires one to think out of the box in order to get the stuff right in the process of creating a Parody video. Most of the times we’re amazed to such a level with our favorite Superheroes that we can’t imagine them doing something other than they usually do. And this is what limits our innovative thinking prowess.

Let’s just not get offended by the work done by our fellow Superhero Fan Artists & enjoy watching this Parody series.
Bad Days is about the times when things don’t go the way we expect them to. It’s about that one Bad Day in the life of our beloved Superheroes. This series is created by Stan Lee’s World of Heroes & is hosted on YouTube. Yeah, this means there’s no money required to watch our Superheroes struggle in their Bad Days.

Here’s an episode from the Bad Days series on The Avengers,

Go to their channel to watch the complete series. Other than the Bad Days, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes is full of breathtaking Superhero videos. Subscribe them on YouTube if you don’t want to miss any of their videos.

P.S. I’m not getting paid a penny to publicize Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. I’m sharing this info just because I liked it a lot & feel that my fellow Superhero Readers would also love it.


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