Instant Messenger App ‘hike’ raises ₹80 lacs & still counting for Kashmir Flood Relief

Tsunamis, droughts, floods, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes are those natural calamities which are over the control of Human. Each year we witness heavy devastation in some or the other areas around the globe. We lose people, we lose properties & top of all we lose our moral.
This year, it’s Kashmir, India who’s barring the hammer of nature. This flood has not only hit India but also Pakistan. The death toll has already risen to 200+ in India & 280+ in Pakistan. The damage that has been caused to the properties can not even be counted in numbers for now.


These natural calamities can only be fought by the Humanity of Humans towards Humans. Fellow country men are trying to actively play their part in the relief of Kashmiris. NGOs are working for their betterment, PM funds are being raised, Army is working day in & day out for the rescue of the flood affected people.

hike has seen many successes in the recent years being the most used app in India & featuring in about 136+ countries. Wait, this is not about applauding for the successes of hike, this is about the Kashmir Flood relief. hike initiated a campaign to raise funds for Kashmir Flood relief by making a initial donation of ₹. 10 lacs to the Prime Minister fund. Eventually, the hike users(hikers) went on participating in this noble campaign by donating an amount ₹. 10 from their Rewards section.

hike Rewards Section
hike Rewards Section

Funds raised by hike (still counting)
Funds raised by hike (still counting)










One can simply donate ₹. 10 which you might have collected as the joining bonus or the referral bonus by clicking on the Rewards section from the home screen of the app. You’ll find this Donate for Kashmir tab along with the Free Talktime & Free Coupons tab. FAQs & the authentication queries related to the donation process can be found under the same tab of Donate for Kashmir.

It’s just ₹. 10 per User, but imagine how wide this number will grow when more than 13 million hikers will donate their part. It’s just ₹. 10 that will be deducted from your Free Talktime generated in the hike app itself, but it will surely mean a fortune for our fellow men who’re been affected by this floods.

Don’t hesitate, take a step forward, donate your free talktime & be the one amongst Helping hikers 🙂


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