Wanna shit on your Frenemies ?

Yes, this is a serious question & in its literal meaning.

You might wish to shit on someone in the following cases:

  • Someone pissed you off
  • Someone irritates you more than anything
  • Someone makes you listen to the Justin Bieber songs
  • Someone breaks your head every next day & is too strong to fight back
  • Someone uses your stuff without your prior permissions
  • Someone keeps you waiting for no reason
  • Someone just broke up with you
  • Someone plays an Asshole in your life

Reasons can be endless but the solution is one & unique in itself. You all might have wished at some or the other point in your life to shit on that Someone. Well, that’s actually possible now πŸ˜€

Here’s a web service you’ve never heard of. It is called ShitSenders.com
ShitSenders.com offers you to present the ultimate GAG gift, SWEET revenge at its finest as they say.
What you can do here is, place an order of shit to your so called Frenemy maintaining your anonymity.

Type & Size of the shit can also be personalized ( Yes, seriously πŸ˜€ )
Here’s a list of the available shits:

  1. Cow Dung
  2. Elephant Crap
  3. Gorilla shit
  4. Combo shit packs

They’re not only good at sending shit but also making you comfortable with the payment.
Yes, your payment can be made online with a secured transaction process.

This is one crazy, weird, funny, innovative thing that I came across while surfing the Internet & I thought that this should be shared with my fellow Viewers.

So, don’t just think of shitting on Someone instead take a step ahead & make it happen πŸ˜‰


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