my crAzy lifE !

My crazy life,
turned even more crazy..

Full of emotions,
Full of reactions..

Same was the reason,
different was the season..

Feelings of a broken heart,
very difficult to sort..

Tried to find the lost life in fun,
but life itself turned into a fun..

Broken heart speaks a lot,
Sometimes happy, sometimes not..

People thought,it was just a part of life,
but it cut me like a knife..

I tried to be the same,
because I didn’t want her to suffer from blame..

Tried getting closer,
Thought this idea would be more better..

Came to know many aspect,
Found something weird,but a person to respect..

Today.I’m happy..not because what I desired but didn’t get,
but because I now found a friend cum soul-mate..

I can accept her as a friend,
And this story just doesn’t have an end..

Life was a crazy thing,
life is a crazy thing,
And as time goes,
It turns even more bigger & more crazier..
And that’s what I call “My Crazy Life”.


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