Total Divas – FREEBIE

Last week, crossed 2,00,000+ views. I did a blog post for the announcement acknowledging the support I’ve been receiving from you guys. And I must admit, the response to the milestone has been phenomenal and it’s only fair for me to thank you all for the constant support. It feels really good to hear it from you about how you liked the Interaction Design … Continue reading Total Divas – FREEBIE

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2,00,000+ Views and Counting

Last year on Aug 23, this blog touched its 1,00,000+ views milestone. From there, it took exactly 421 days (which is 1 year, 1 month and 24 days) to double the number of views. Yup, crossed 2,00,000+ views mark on Oct 17, 2016. I started this blog in the August of 2012 while I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Back then, I didn’t know … Continue reading 2,00,000+ Views and Counting

Interaction Design FREEBIES

Interaction Design – FREEBIES (Vol. 1)

Happy Sunday, folks! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. Even if you didn’t, it’s okay, you’ll have a wonderful week ahead. Here’s a little Sunday delight to fasten up your cool design projects, 1. Social Share Interaction 2. Dribbble Invites Giveaway Interaction 3. Loader Animation 4. Search Interaction 5. Add Expand Interaction Usage Policy: All the above interactions are absolutely free for both Personal and Commercial purposes, … Continue reading Interaction Design – FREEBIES (Vol. 1)

Lorenzo Bocchi

A Conversation with Award Winning Art Director – Lorenzo Bocchi

G’day Lorenzo! I hope I’m not patronizing by greeting you the Aussie way. How about we start with a little bit of yourself? Lorenzo: Hi! My name is Lorenzo Bocchi and I’m a self-taught, Award-Winning Interactive Art Director and also part of the Jury at CSS Design Awards since 2015. I moved to Sydney from Italy last year and now I’m working as a Senior Art … Continue reading A Conversation with Award Winning Art Director – Lorenzo Bocchi