Men, Women & Google

Google is so damn good at suggesting things. No problem at all if we don’t remember the complete phrase we’re searching for, Google is here to take care if it. This even works when we’re short of words or face difficulties in the English language. Well, this can even pull out some huge laughs when we’re suggested with some weirdo keywords.

There’s always an age long, huge, irritating, hilarious & never ending debate between Men & Women. However lame this topic must be, we can’t resist to participate in this War of Words.
But, it’s always Men & Women speaking for themselves. So, I thought of asking someone other than these two to share an opinion on the ongoing topic. And who else could be better than Google?

Here you go, these are some WH questions asked in reference to Men & Women & the answers will do no lesser than amazing you 😉

1. Why do . . .

why do womenI’m pretty sure that only Men can ask this question

why do menThis is an International issue, but no justified reasons found yet 😦

2. Where do . . .

where do womenWell, this a technical one 😐

where do menUmm, that’s a tough one *blushes*

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