7 Most Amazing Siblings Disney ever had

1. Lizzie & Matt McGuire

Lizzie & Matt McGuire



Matt always played an Asshole for Lizzie, but we all loved him for his crazy behavior & all that stuff he used to do with his cute friend.




2. Miley & Jackson Cyrus

Miley &  Jackson Cyrus



No doubt this girl has changed drastically, but yes, even I loved this Disney Princess  who is better known as Hannah Montana. Her brother Jackson was a crazy & dumb guy, but was cute & adorable too 🙂




3. Kim, Jim & Tim Possible
Jim, Tim & Kim Possible


We didn’t actually pay much attention towards the younger siblings of Kim Possible, did we? After all, this girl was too mind-blowing to take a sight away ^^’




4. Candace, Phineas & Ferb
Candace, Phineas & Ferb


Oh poor Candace, always bothered about what her brothers are up to. But we loved you Candace, the way you get irritated by Phineas & Ferb is so pleasing.



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