Mid-Point Ellipse Generation Algorithm (C++)

Problem Definition: Write a program to implement Mid-Point Ellipse Generation Algorithm. #include <graphics.h> #include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> void main(){ int xc,yc,x,y,d,r; int gdriver = DETECT, gmode; initgraph(&gdriver,&gmode,”C:\TC\BGI”); cout<<“Enter co-ordinates of centre: “; cin>>xc>>yc; cout<<“Enter radius of circle: “; cin>>r; x = 0; y = r; d = 3-2*r; do{ if(d<0){ d += 4*x +6; x++; } else{ d += 4*x – 4*y +10; x++; y–; } putpixel(xc+x,yc+y,WHITE); putpixel(xc+y,yc+x,WHITE); … Continue reading Mid-Point Ellipse Generation Algorithm (C++)