Yippee! Internet for Free

I've never been so Happy
I’ve never been so Happy

Yes, this is the kind of face you make when you hear “FREE Internet”.
We live in an age where Internet has taken the place of fourth basic necessity in a life of a common man. From Household to Office, Campus to Corporate, School to College, Insanity to Maturity, Porn to Family Drama, Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift & even Obama to NaMo, Internet is just everywhere. You just can’t imagine a day without Internet. World’s top grossing companies like Google, MicrosoftApple & Facebook also works around Internet (Pardon me for not mentioning your favorite company, there are just too many my friend).

You love Internet & all that you love just don’t come that cheaply. You’ve to pay to make some love with Internet. Working man doesn’t bother much about paying his Internet bills. But wait, what about those who don’t earn or those who don’t earn enough to spend on Internet? As a human, you tend to look for alternatives wherever you feel you gotta loosen up your pockets. You obviously want to save some bucks for future because don’t know what may come tomorrow.
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