How can’t one be hooked to a Transformation?

Computer and Man

When the huge size Computers were first introduced to the World, the World was stunned. Amazed at the functionalities of this machine which was considered to be a high-functioning Human. People just couldn’t get their heads off this device. There was something that kept people stuck to their seats when they were making love with this device.

But as it is said, nothing lasts forever, there’s a time when you’re replaced with something better than you. People started getting irritated because of non-mobile nature of these Computers. And this was quite obvious, can you imagine of a scenario when you’re forced to stay away from your girlfriend (Computer) while you’re enjoying the vacations somewhere other than your home town just because you can’t carry it along with you? Well, the answer would be a big NO with the normal cases. Since it’s love, I had to mention the word ‘Normal’. I hope you got the pun 😛
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