5 Black Things Every Young Mind Desires

Black is the color most of the people prefer for outings & events like weddings, farewells, get togethers & even funerals (the Christian way). Of course, every party animal has couple of these black dresses readily available in his/her wardrobe. Black goes with almost all pieces of cloth & therefore we can save ourselves from making fashion blunders 😀

Black is mother-friendly as well 😀
Since, our mother do not have to take much efforts washing these black clothes, we can always be friends with mother.

Here’s a list of 5 things, the 5 Black things that almost all Young Minds might have desired in some or the other moment of their lives :

1. Batcycle


We all love Batman & more than that we love Batman’s gadgets. This Bike from “Batman Begins”, later modified in “The Dark Knight” made us all go WAAOOWW !!!

2. Batmobile

We were not even over Batcycle, then this brand new car or say super car made its existence into “The Dark Knight Rises” & left us all mesmerized. What was that one thing that this car couldn’t do? Well, I know that’s a tough question when we’re so in ♥ with this piece of awesomeness.

3. Play Station Portable

Not everything we love is Sci-Fi, this little gadget is the dream of every Gamer. Lock a Geek with this gadget for a whole day in a room & you’ll be surprised to know that the Geek won’t even ask for the keys 😀

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