A Conversation with Flying Mouse 365 (Chow Hon Lam)

DG: Hey Hon, how are you? Let’s have a quick intro. FM365: Hi Darshan, I’m a T-shirt designer & illustrator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently, I’m up to some commission work & also running my own T-shirt brand http://www.flyingmouse365.com.   DG: How & when did Flying Mouse 365 come to life? FM365: Flying Mouse 365 is a personal project, for which I committed myself to come up with … Continue reading A Conversation with Flying Mouse 365 (Chow Hon Lam)

How do Superheroes Earn for Living ?

What do Superheroes do when they aren’t saving our world or aren’t squashing some villain’s balls? They do have a life, right? And for one to live a happy life, one needs to work, needs to earn some money. Of course, Superheroes can easily break banks, steal our money. But, what kind of Superheroes would they be if they do all such shitty business for sole purpose of money. Therefore, one option eliminated, they need to earn money some other way, a legitimate way.

Our fellow Artist, Hon at Flying Mouse 365 got curious about how our Superheroes would earn their living & his curiosity led to these awesome designs entitled as “Part Time Job”.

Wolverine 'Meat Chopper'

With those razor sharp adamantium claws, Wolverine would make the best Meat Chopper ever, wouldn’t he?

Liked Wolverine’s Part Time Job? Go ahead, there’s an entire gallery made up of such Superhero Part Time Jobs.

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