#DGQuotes (Version 4)

I. Learn the Act of Escapism, because sometimes giving a fight back isn’t the wise action. II. Learn from others’ mistakes, because learning from self’s mistake is too mainstream 😛 III. In real, you remember the faces of people you meet, but not the names. And on Social Networks, you remember the names, but not the faces. That’s the Irony of Life. IV. Everything around You is somehow related … Continue reading #DGQuotes (Version 4)

#DGQuotes (Version 3)

I. World can be a better place, if we start working on Our weaknesses rather than criticizing Others’ weaknesses. II. Everyone’s existence is for a reason, a successful person goes beyond that reason. III. If you are in Pain, don’t regret it, don’t hate it, instead say this to yourself, “May the Pain make me grow stronger”. IV. What cannot be changed Completely, needs to be Improved by … Continue reading #DGQuotes (Version 3)