The Perfectly Detailed Art of Adam Spizak

‘Adam Spizak’, I won’t ask you to remember this name as it’s gonna happen eventually. By the time you finish reading this article, you gonna be admiring the Art of Adam.

Why is it that I’m creating so much of hype about this man, Adam?
The story goes something like this; One fine day at my work, I found this wallpaper of Batman on one of my colleague’s monitor screen. And I was immediately amazed by the amount of detailing that might have gone into making this masterpiece. This Batman fan art was no like any other art that we all have been seeing for years. Look for yourself,

Batman - Why Do We Fall

The moment I saw this, I did what I usually do when I see something that amazes me. I noted down the name of the Artist & quickly initiated my research or stalking for that matter. Google (By the way, it’s the b’day of the Search Giant today. Happy B’day Google, the Savior) threw up all the URLs that I might have needed to witness the class of this man.

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