10 Cartoon Series that will drive you back to your childhood

We all are aware of the quality of Cartoons these days. A 80s-90s kid can never watch today’s Cartoons, because he/she had a better part of it. So, here’s a list of some amazing Cartoons from our “Ache din”.

1. Disney’s Recess



Disney never fails to amaze us. Recess had the quite simplistic animation with thoughtful story line. It showcased the importance of Recess in a kid’s school life.




2. Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears



Fantastic story of the Gummi Bears who stayed in the trees & were known for their magical Gummi Beary Juice. Most of us even remember the title song of this series, don’t we?




3. Chip n Dale : Rescue Rangers

Chip n Dale



Bunch of cute little creatures on a mission to save the world. They were not just adorable but also very much thrilling.





4. Duck Tales

Duck Tales


The richness of this man never failed to amaze us. Swimming in water pool is too mainstream, he use to swim in the treasure full of gold coins. And how can one forget his scintillating nephews.




5. U.B.O.S

U. B. O. S



This was one big reason why we tuned to SAB TV. Many might have not seen this Cartoon series because of the channel domain 😦 But let me tell you, this one is a must watch if you’re a Potterhead. Yes, it’s about the school of magic.


6. Pokemon

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