Even Designers Have to Lie

Designers are those creative people who create aesthetically pleasing & visually interacting art pieces. They see things a little differently. But, Clients are such people who can make even these creative Designers go mad. Their repeatedly iterative demands & tantrums are one hell of annoying tasks to handle. In which case, even Designers have to lie to their Clients sometimes.

Even Designers Have to Lie

Our friends at Creative Market have jotted down these 20 lies that Designers tell their Clients. I’m sure all the Designers out there would be able to connect to it. So, here are those 20 lies we regret telling, but have to tell.

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Kung Fu Panda Minimal Posters

I happened to watch both the parts & the trailer of the 3rd Kung Fu Panda movie, recently. I’ve always been a fan of DreamWorks Studios. It’s pretty amazing how they manage to keep children as well as adults glued to their seats with their cute animations & overwhelming stories.

Here’s my fan art of Minimal Movie Posters for Kung Fu Panda,

Kung Fu Panda Minimal Poster Kung Fu Panda 2 Minimal PosterKung Fu Panda 3 Minimal Poster


P. S. You may not be able to relate to these posters if you haven’t watched these movies yet. After all, that’s how Minimalism is. Only the ones who’re aware can relate to.

Top Compact Cameras to Invest In

Cameras are a beautiful invention of technology- perhaps one of the best. It allows us to capture time and visit it whenever we want. It’s a neat time machine if one can say and there is nothing more enjoyable than to flick through old albums, reliving timeless and ageless memories.

Although, these days, mobile phones are equipped with good cameras but owning a digital camera is a must. There are certain moments in life that truly need a good camera to capture the moment in time and freeze it and mobiles just won’t cut it. If you’re looking for a good digital camera, here are a few options to browse through to get yourself the perfect companion for all your memorable outings:

1. Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III

Sony is a market leader of image sensing technology and gives some of the best cameras that can be used.Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III For its price the image quality of both still images and video recording is par excellence and the camera offers a 24-70 mm f1.8-2.8 lens which has a quick aperture than other models allowing it to take photos in various light settings. You get good highlight details with a good balance of light and shadow areas creating the perfect picture.

It can also support continuous shooting and even has automatic autofocus enabled and can take up to 30 shots which really capture those blink and you miss moments. It has an excellent focus and shoot feature in bright lights within 0.2 seconds and up to 0.4 seconds in dim light. This camera is definitely worth your money and time!

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Let Them Sniff

Consider you build a product or are planning to start a new service. Once your product or the service is ready, you plan to deliver it to the end user. Now, here’s the tricky part, the way you deliver your product or launch it for the common users is gonna decide the sales of your product or service. This is an age where marketing is a crucial part for any kind of product or service. If you can’t sell your product or service, it will never get the kind of recognition & applauds it deserves.

Looking at the current trends in the industry, one can easily make out what is the impact of marketing on the product or service. Dhoom: 3, being a movie full of mistakes grossed crores of rupees on the box office & on the other hand a beautiful & very well pictured movie like Mumbai Meri Jaan couldn’t even seek the attention of a common man. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might remember that I had a mention of this earlier as well. What went wrong with Mumbai Meri Jaan? Yes, of course! The marketing of the movie should’ve been taken seriously.

Recently, I got to be a part of BlogAdda’s #SniffSniff activity. Doing justice with the name, BlogAdda didn’t reveal much as of what was supposed to be done being a part of this activity. It all started with the first package that was delivered to my home.

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TVF’s PITCHERS Minimal Poster

No doubt, The Viral Fever is India’s largest Youth Entertainment Network. TVF’s YouTube channel has over a million subscribers & the count keeps on growing each day. TVF has been doing a spectacular job with its Qtiyapa videos. After a huge success of their first Drama Series “Permanent Roommates“, TVF is back again with their brand new drama series based on the lines of Silicon Valley. The world is changing quickly & the startups are emerging like anything. TVF could’t have found such a good time to come up with such a series.

The internet is loving this drama series & certain dialogues from this series are getting real famous. Here’s my Minimal Poster for TVF’s PITCHERS,

TVF's PITCHERS Minimal Poster

TVF has also launched a TVF Play where PITCHERS can be viewed. They’re also gonna upload it to their YouTube channel, but there will be a time gap of course. So, either join TVF Play & enjoy PITCHERS right through or wait for a few days & enjoy it on your regular network, TVF’s YouTube Channel.