Photographer makes SuperHumans go Human

Ever imagined what would Superheroes be doing when they aren’t saving our planet Earth from the Supervillains? Well, Photographer Edy Hardjo aka Hrjoe did imagine & he imagined it in such a way that we couldn’t resist from being amazed.

Avengers going crazy behind Black Widow's bra

We can’t stop laughing when we see Humongous Hulk smashing Wolverine’s head like a watermelon, Avengers going crazy behind Black Widow’s bra, Hulk hair-styling Thor, Avengers peeping in to get a glimpse of Black Widow’s beautiful naked body, Wolverine lighting his Cigar from Ghost Rider’s flaming skull or Captain America instructing Spiderman on doing some cleaning business. All these activities are a part of human being’s usual life, but it’s not at all usual when we see Superhumans performing such activities.

Check out the below gallery to be super amazed by Hrjoe‘s photography,
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7 Surprising Ways Mobile Wallets are better than Credit Cards

Nowadays, we find ourselves holding less cash because we can just pay easily by using credit cards. Mobile WalletIn this modern era, you can also use mobile wallets for paying off the bills or for mobile recharge. Mobile wallet might be a new concept but has already surpassed credit cards in terms of the number of users. Owing to increase in demand, there are many mobile wallet operators who follow a semi closed model in which the users can load money in the wallets so as to make payments to those merchants that have operational tie-ups with a mobile service provider. Significantly, there is a great reduce in usage in credit cards and debit cards because of the disadvantage of theft or loss therefore mobile wallets came into existence.
Advantages of using mobile wallets over credit cards are:

  1. Mobile wallets help in making every kind of payment easily, from utility bills to online mobile recharge. Moreover, it is one of the secure means for money transfer as well.
  2. Mobile wallets have a user friendly interface, thus you can pay off your mobile recharge on time thus can avoid spending money on charges for late submission of bills.
  3. Mobile wallet has become an extremely valuable payment tool that brings innovative modules in the mobile financial market. In addition, it automatically gets updated with the number of points you have received at the end of the purchase.
  4. Mobile wallets are integrated with loyalty programs in order to keep the customers safe any kind of thefts. Therefore, mobile wallet could work with the merchant automatically for keeping tracks on the purchases.
  5. You can receive various kinds of coupons for online or offline shopping thus you can take leverage of mobile wallets.
  6. Mobile wallet do have a option for money management, on acquiring such services, mobile wallet will tell you whether you should buy or it will burst your budget.
  7. When it comes with mobile wallets, it is centralized with many commerce and help in enabling payments from a small facet to the overall potential.

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How I Found My Fit ? (Van Heusen My Fit Review)

How often has it been that you leave your home with a firm decision of buying yourself a new formal shirt or a trouser & just can’t find one? Well, this had happened with me a couple of times. I’m casual-wearing guy & don’t require formals on most of the occasions, but when I do, I require them immediately. The reason being my presentation or campus interview the next day. Now, am I supposed to prepare for the presentation or worry about finding my perfect fit? Most of the times, I don’t find one & then finally have to adjust with the ones I’ve found.

We’re different individuals in different shapes & sizes. We can’t expect a fashion brand to design clothes for each & every size. Tailor-made is the solution for such problem. But, is it an affordable solution? Tailor-made clothes require pretty much of efforts. You need to buy the fabric, find a tailor, give your sizes & then wait for long days to receive your dress. And on top of all, Fabric charges+Tailoring charges+Time invested = Pain in the ass.

So, what should we do? Don’t you worry, Van Heusen has something in stores for us. It’s called Van Heusen My Fit.
Van Heusen My Fit Intro

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Notifications of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Part III)

Notifications of S.H.I.E.L.D. has returned.

This is the final one of the series. I hope you liked the Part I & Part II. I had saved the best ones for the climax. And here you go, brace yourselves for the final part.

Let me know what you feel about this. If you have any suggestions on other Agents, drop it down in comments. I’ll be more than happy to add them to Notifications of S.H.I.E.L.D.

How to Stay Creative ?

Creativity is one such talent that seeks no boundary. How to Stay CreativeCreativity is like water, it draws its own paths. Being creative is always an added advantage to any professional. Irrespective of the work area you’re in, you need to be creative to stand out. We may forget people, but we’ll never forget the creativity they had. It is one such talent that will keep you going.

A Creative person can achieve unbelievable feats, but as it is said, each individual has its good & bad days. We’re doomed to perform crap some or the other day. It’s one such time when nothing seems to be falling in place. You once had the Midas’s touch & now you don’t even have your own touch. What should one do at such difficult times? How to get back the creative juices flowing in your veins? Though at the time, it might seem like there’s no rescue to it, there’s one simpler solution available. There’s nothing like impossible for a Creative person.

Having an understanding of the delicacy of the situation, Copyblogger came up with a creative solution for fellow Creatives. In the year 2012, it shared an infographic that explained the problem & a solution to it in a very attractive manner.
Here’s the infographic that will guide you to stay Creative,
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