Yes, the F Word

Happy Friendship Day

Yes, Friends are those F people who’ll gift you treasures of memories.

Happy Friendship Day to all my Friends out there.

Last year, I had compiled a few evergreen quotes on Friendship. For those who’re looking for some nice quotes & messages to forward to their friends, here you go.

Torrents Never Got This Cleaner

We all are Movie Watchers for life. Movies are the most usual pass time of one & all. And also, 80% or more of the crowd watches movies from torrents. And this is pretty reasonable, we pay good amount of money for internet plans. So, why not optimize the internet usage, yeah?

Well, torrents are for free, but sort of hectic & full of spams. I bet, no first timer would have got right the download link in the first go. You click to open a page, turns out that wasn’t the link for one page. There are flashy, creepy, irritating ads all around the torrents. But then, what do you do? It’s the only way to save some bucks.

Yes, it was the only way to save some bucks until now. Here comes the rescuer, Popcorn Time (Superhero score plays in the background). Popcorn Time is the ultimate solution to watch movies for free that too without even downloading them.

Popcorn Time

Let me explain you how does Popcorn Time goes about being the ultimate solution to free movies.
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ABCD: Any Body Can Design

In the era of startups where everybody’s inside Entrepreneur is screaming like hell to make it big, one simply cannot ignore Design. Take any successful startup which has now emerged into a full fledged Company, you won’t be able to dislike their Design.

See, it’s pretty clear, people are the ones who decide the fate of any consumer oriented company & when such is the case, we need to be fluent & interactive with our public approach. What speaks to people is design. Of course, functionality has to be there, it’s the primary concern. But, functionality is not all what helps a company grow. What is it then? As you might have already figured it out, it’s Design. Design is that one thing which interacts with your users & let them understand what you’re trying to offer them. 

ABCD: Any Body Can Design

Okay, we all understand that Design is crucial. But, how do you solve the problem of headbanging done on mastering the Adobe Suite? Well, we’ve a solution now. Canva has taken up the responsibility of solving our Design issues. Yes, Canva is as simple as the name suggests. As they say, Canva is an Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software”.

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Even Designers Have to Lie

Designers are those creative people who create aesthetically pleasing & visually interacting art pieces. They see things a little differently. But, Clients are such people who can make even these creative Designers go mad. Their repeatedly iterative demands & tantrums are one hell of annoying tasks to handle. In which case, even Designers have to lie to their Clients sometimes.

Even Designers Have to Lie

Our friends at Creative Market have jotted down these 20 lies that Designers tell their Clients. I’m sure all the Designers out there would be able to connect to it. So, here are those 20 lies we regret telling, but have to tell.

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Kung Fu Panda Minimal Posters

I happened to watch both the parts & the trailer of the 3rd Kung Fu Panda movie, recently. I’ve always been a fan of DreamWorks Studios. It’s pretty amazing how they manage to keep children as well as adults glued to their seats with their cute animations & overwhelming stories.

Here’s my fan art of Minimal Movie Posters for Kung Fu Panda,

Kung Fu Panda Minimal Poster Kung Fu Panda 2 Minimal PosterKung Fu Panda 3 Minimal Poster


P. S. You may not be able to relate to these posters if you haven’t watched these movies yet. After all, that’s how Minimalism is. Only the ones who’re aware can relate to.