Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 3) Minimal Poster

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back with its 3rd Season & looks more promising than ever. The Inhumans story line allows the show to explore more superpowers & lots of brilliant special effects scenes.

Here’s my fan art for the 3rd Season,


Check out my Minimal Posters for the previous Seasons of Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. here.

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The Perfectly Detailed Art of Adam Spizak

‘Adam Spizak’, I won’t ask you to remember this name as it’s gonna happen eventually. By the time you finish reading this article, you gonna be admiring the Art of Adam.

Why is it that I’m creating so much of hype about this man, Adam?
The story goes something like this; One fine day at my work, I found this wallpaper of Batman on one of my colleague’s monitor screen. And I was immediately amazed by the amount of detailing that might have gone into making this masterpiece. This Batman fan art was no like any other art that we all have been seeing for years. Look for yourself,

Batman - Why Do We Fall

The moment I saw this, I did what I usually do when I see something that amazes me. I noted down the name of the Artist & quickly initiated my research or stalking for that matter. Google (By the way, it’s the b’day of the Search Giant today. Happy B’day Google, the Savior) threw up all the URLs that I might have needed to witness the class of this man.

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I know you liked my Artwork. Well, you can even Purchase it now.

I’ve been Designing for quite a good time now. And for the regular Readers of this blog, they’ve already been witnessing the transition.

Let me get it straight now; Yes, this is a self-promotional blog post. I’ve started an Art Shop at PosterGully. Meaning, you can head on to PosterGully & start buying my artwork. Whoa! I’m so damn excited. Keep me excited by placing your orders :P
Art-Shop_BlogNow, time for the obvious questions,

  • What is this PosterGully?
  • Is it even safe placing an order with PosterGully?
  • How good a quality can I expect?
  • How are you related to this PosterGully?
  • What range of products are available for sale?

Here are your answers,

  • PosterGully is like the Indian version of stores like Etsy & Society6. They’re an Artist driven online store, meaning they don’t own any copyrights over the designs they sell. Basically, they help poor Artists like me to monetize their designs which otherwise get faded away with time. Thank You PosterGully, the savior of many Designers including me.
  • Yup, absolutely safe. PosterGully is Visa, MasterCard, Paypal & American Express verified. And they also offer Cash on Delivery service.
  • I ordered a Moto G for self. And I can say it without any hesitation, PosterGully‘s quality of product is one of the finest.
  • Like I said just a few lines back, I upload my designs at PosterGully, it gets manually approved & done, you can start purchasing it. They give me my fare share as a commission.
  • For time being, you can shop the listed range of products,
    Wall Art, Mobile Cases, T-shirts, Mouse pads, Laptop Skins, Coasters, Greeting Cards & Posters.

Oh, I totally forgot, use the code PGARTIST to get a straight 15% off throughout the store on your first purchase. And you tell me I don’t love you :|

Journey to 1,00,000+ Views

If you’re one of the regular readers of this blog, you might have already got an idea of what this post is gonna be. Even if you aren’t one of those, not to worry, just read on.

So, I had started this blog with an experiment to learn how WordPress works. Within a few weeks of trial & error, I figured out that WordPress is such a beauty. If you can read English, if you understand web & if you’re willing to learn it, WordPress won’t play a bitch.  Once the tech aspect of WordPress was understood, I thought of taking it ahead so as to improve my literary skills. I wasn’t bothered about the stats back then. I didn’t know about much places to promote my content. And I didn’t even think that my blog was worth promoting back then.

Internet is so good at giving, we learn trillion amount of stuff from the internet, then why not to return something if you can. With this belief in mind, I started sharing Tricks & Treats which I had learnt during my college & internet surfing hours. I also shared a few Android hacks (Android had just hit the fame during that course of time). Things were going smooth & I was happy with the way I was blogging. Not many on the internet knew or visited my blog, but I was fine with it. After all, it was just an experiment to learn something new.

As I kept on learning, I also realized that there’s a whole big world of bloggers out there. Some blog for passion, some for work & some for their weird reasons. Those bloggers had good amount of regular viewers to their blogs & this got me worrying about the fact that I wasn’t making any impact as such.

Since then, I’ve been improving my blog posts consistently. That consistency helped reach this milestone of 1,00,000+  Views.

Thank You for your Awesomeness!

No blog or website or any sort of online community can grow without the support of its Viewers. And that is why I take this opportunity to thank all of you. Thank You for all your Awesomeness :)

Also, I’ve the key events listed by years in my About page. And this one is without a doubt a major highlight of my blogging journey. Thank you once again! Stay inspired & keep inspiring.

A Conversation with Yuzach (Yulia Sokolova)

DG: Hey Yulia, how are you doing? Tell us something about you?
Yuzach: Hey! My name is Yulia Sokolova, I’m also known as Yuzach. I’m a designer and illustrator, working mostly with computer graphics. Most of all I like to create whimsy patterns and textures, unique characters, fancy app stickers and various floral illustrations. I also write tutorials about computer graphics and drawing.

DG: What’s the story behind the name ‘Yuzach’?
Yuzach: There is no mystery behind that nickname, as somebody may think :p
‘Yu’ is for the first letters of my name Yulia. And ‘Zach’ is short for Zacharia, a name of a character from a book. I just like how it sounds.

Spring Girl by Yuzach

Spring Girl by Yuzach

DG: When did you make your first digital design?
Yuzach: It was in early 2005, as far as I remember. I’ve bought my Wacom Intuos 3 and made my first picture in Adobe Photoshop. It seemed inconvenient to keep looking at the screen, not at the tablet, while drawing. But I got used to that rather quickly. By the way, I’m still using the same tablet, it works perfectly fine and looks flawless. What a quality!
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