Journey to 1,00,000+ Views

If you’re one of the regular readers of this blog, you might have already got an idea of what this post is gonna be. Even if you aren’t one of those, not to worry, just read on.

So, I had started this blog with an experiment to learn how WordPress works. Within a few weeks of trial & error, I figured out that WordPress is such a beauty. If you can read English, if you understand web & if you’re willing to learn it, WordPress won’t play a bitch.  Once the tech aspect of WordPress was understood, I thought of taking it ahead so as to improve my literary skills. I wasn’t bothered about the stats back then. I didn’t know about much places to promote my content. And I didn’t even think that my blog was worth promoting back then.

Internet is so good at giving, we learn trillion amount of stuff from the internet, then why not to return something if you can. With this belief in mind, I started sharing Tricks & Treats which I had learnt during my college & internet surfing hours. I also shared a few Android hacks (Android had just hit the fame during that course of time). Things were going smooth & I was happy with the way I was blogging. Not many on the internet knew or visited my blog, but I was fine with it. After all, it was just an experiment to learn something new.

As I kept on learning, I also realized that there’s a whole big world of bloggers out there. Some blog for passion, some for work & some for their weird reasons. Those bloggers had good amount of regular viewers to their blogs & this got me worrying about the fact that I wasn’t making any impact as such.

Since then, I’ve been improving my blog posts consistently. That consistency helped reach this milestone of 1,00,000+  Views.

Thank You for your Awesomeness!

No blog or website or any sort of online community can grow without the support of its Viewers. And that is why I take this opportunity to thank all of you. Thank You for all your Awesomeness :)

Also, I’ve the key events listed by years in my About page. And this one is without a doubt a major highlight of my blogging journey. Thank you once again! Stay inspired & keep inspiring.

A Conversation with Yuzach (Yulia Sokolova)

DG: Hey Yulia, how are you doing? Tell us something about you?
Yuzach: Hey! My name is Yulia Sokolova, I’m also known as Yuzach. I’m a designer and illustrator, working mostly with computer graphics. Most of all I like to create whimsy patterns and textures, unique characters, fancy app stickers and various floral illustrations. I also write tutorials about computer graphics and drawing.

DG: What’s the story behind the name ‘Yuzach’?
Yuzach: There is no mystery behind that nickname, as somebody may think :p
‘Yu’ is for the first letters of my name Yulia. And ‘Zach’ is short for Zacharia, a name of a character from a book. I just like how it sounds.

Spring Girl by Yuzach

Spring Girl by Yuzach

DG: When did you make your first digital design?
Yuzach: It was in early 2005, as far as I remember. I’ve bought my Wacom Intuos 3 and made my first picture in Adobe Photoshop. It seemed inconvenient to keep looking at the screen, not at the tablet, while drawing. But I got used to that rather quickly. By the way, I’m still using the same tablet, it works perfectly fine and looks flawless. What a quality!
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Yes, the F Word

Happy Friendship Day

Yes, Friends are those F people who’ll gift you treasures of memories.

Happy Friendship Day to all my Friends out there.

Last year, I had compiled a few evergreen quotes on Friendship. For those who’re looking for some nice quotes & messages to forward to their friends, here you go.

Torrents Never Got This Cleaner

We all are Movie Watchers for life. Movies are the most usual pass time of one & all. And also, 80% or more of the crowd watches movies from torrents. And this is pretty reasonable, we pay good amount of money for internet plans. So, why not optimize the internet usage, yeah?

Well, torrents are for free, but sort of hectic & full of spams. I bet, no first timer would have got right the download link in the first go. You click to open a page, turns out that wasn’t the link for one page. There are flashy, creepy, irritating ads all around the torrents. But then, what do you do? It’s the only way to save some bucks.

Yes, it was the only way to save some bucks until now. Here comes the rescuer, Popcorn Time (Superhero score plays in the background). Popcorn Time is the ultimate solution to watch movies for free that too without even downloading them.

Popcorn Time

Let me explain you how does Popcorn Time goes about being the ultimate solution to free movies.
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ABCD: Any Body Can Design

In the era of startups where everybody’s inside Entrepreneur is screaming like hell to make it big, one simply cannot ignore Design. Take any successful startup which has now emerged into a full fledged Company, you won’t be able to dislike their Design.

See, it’s pretty clear, people are the ones who decide the fate of any consumer oriented company & when such is the case, we need to be fluent & interactive with our public approach. What speaks to people is design. Of course, functionality has to be there, it’s the primary concern. But, functionality is not all what helps a company grow. What is it then? As you might have already figured it out, it’s Design. Design is that one thing which interacts with your users & let them understand what you’re trying to offer them. 

ABCD: Any Body Can Design

Okay, we all understand that Design is crucial. But, how do you solve the problem of headbanging done on mastering the Adobe Suite? Well, we’ve a solution now. Canva has taken up the responsibility of solving our Design issues. Yes, Canva is as simple as the name suggests. As they say, Canva is an Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software”.

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