Icon Feelings

We’re humans, we’ve feelings & we express it knowingly or unknowingly. We’re internet freaks, we’re mobile lovers. We’re bound to like good & clean design. Be it web or app, be it PC or mobile, icons are everywhere.

Now, you would be thinking why am I talking about those stuff in parts. Well, it’s time to connect the dots. Ever imagined, what would it be like if icons had feelings? How would the world around us seem to them? What would they have to say? I did imagine. I feel sorry for the ‘Share’ icon being shared by everyone, everywhere. He can never be the one for one.

Check this Graphic Design series & know what our icons have to say,

Icon Feelings

Could you connect to their feelings? Think they might have something more to say? You know what do you have to do. Yeah, just let me know by commenting below & I may do it. As simple as that.

Icon Courtesy: freepik.com

An Art a Day for 30 Days

Art is such an amazing thing. What cannot be told in words, can be expressed in art. Any form of artwork is awesome in itself. Not everybody understands art, but everybody loves art. We can spot only a few people who don’t love art in any of its indigenous forms.

Vibha Jindal is a strong believer of arts. “An artwork a day, keeps the sanity away!”, banking on this statement of hers, she decided to make an artwork each day for 30 days straight. She named it as Project30.

Have a look at the beautifully designed doodles, illustrations & typos by VJ Artworks,

Art never fails to impress us, does it? Visit VJ Artworks’ facebook page to find out rest of the artwork under Project30.

And as always, I’m happy to hear it from you. Let me know your take on Project30 or anything about art in general.

Movie Marketing Process These Days

Gone are the days when just one trailer was released before releasing the movie in theaters. Irrespective of the quality of movie, marketing plays a huge role in any movie’s success. Marketing standards have risen to pro level nowadays. Remember the recent marketing campaign for the release of PK? PK was a clear blockbuster & one of the highest grossing movies of Indian Cinema.

Yes, I agree that the movie in itself was a class apart. But the role marketing played in its success cannot be neglected. Most of the people only see what they’re made to see.

So, to the marvels of marketing, I’ve made this infograph which will make you realize the process these marketers have been following lately.

Movie Marketing Process These Days

What say? Did I get it right? Let me know in the comments below. You know I entertain all your comments, right?

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Superhero & Toon Quotes

Our idols never fail to inspire us, do they? Childhood would’ve never been the same without our adorable & likable superheroes & cartoons. We totally love it when Tony Stark burns the ass out of Corporates through his sarcasmic humor, when Flash runs swifter than the wind, when Olaf explains us the meaning of love. Other than saving the world from super powered villains, our Superheroes are also pretty good at philosophy & philanthropy.

Superhero & Toon Quotes

Clearly, the writers of these cartoons & fictional characters have been doing a splendid job since ages. I, on behalf of all my Pop Culture loving Viewers, thank the makers of superheroes & cartoons. Here are some inspirational quotes from our idols,

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How do Superheroes Earn for Living ?

What do Superheroes do when they aren’t saving our world or aren’t squashing some villain’s balls? They do have a life, right? And for one to live a happy life, one needs to work, needs to earn some money. Of course, Superheroes can easily break banks, steal our money. But, what kind of Superheroes would they be if they do all such shitty business for sole purpose of money. Therefore, one option eliminated, they need to earn money some other way, a legitimate way.

Our fellow Artist, Hon at Flying Mouse 365 got curious about how our Superheroes would earn their living & his curiosity led to these awesome designs entitled as “Part Time Job”.

Wolverine 'Meat Chopper'

With those razor sharp adamantium claws, Wolverine would make the best Meat Chopper ever, wouldn’t he?

Liked Wolverine’s Part Time Job? Go ahead, there’s an entire gallery made up of such Superhero Part Time Jobs.

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