How to Download a Video from Facebook without using any Tool ?

Watched a trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron on the official Facebook page of Marvel. Damn, this video is awesome! I need this in my phone, let’s download it. Wait, where’s the download option? Facebook, you cheat, Y U No provide an option to download a video like your provide for an image?

After getting caught in this kind of situation, you’ll curse Facebook, look for a trick on the internet to download the f**king video & will be irritated when internet suggests you to follow a tedious procedure.
Say no more to that irritating & time consuming procedure. Follow these few ultra simple steps & enjoy your video.

Step 1: Play the video you wish to download

Download the Facebook Video 1

Step 2: Change the URL prefix from www to m

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Yippee! Internet for Free

I've never been so Happy

I’ve never been so Happy

Yes, this is the kind of face you make when you hear “FREE Internet”.
We live in an age where Internet has taken the place of fourth basic necessity in a life of a common man. From Household to Office, Campus to Corporate, School to College, Insanity to Maturity, Porn to Family Drama, Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift & even Obama to NaMo, Internet is just everywhere. You just can’t imagine a day without Internet. World’s top grossing companies like Google, MicrosoftApple & Facebook also works around Internet (Pardon me for not mentioning your favorite company, there are just too many my friend).

You love Internet & all that you love just don’t come that cheaply. You’ve to pay to make some love with Internet. Working man doesn’t bother much about paying his Internet bills. But wait, what about those who don’t earn or those who don’t earn enough to spend on Internet? As a human, you tend to look for alternatives wherever you feel you gotta loosen up your pockets. You obviously want to save some bucks for future because don’t know what may come tomorrow.
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Photographer makes SuperHumans go Human

Ever imagined what would Superheroes be doing when they aren’t saving our planet Earth from the Supervillains? Well, Photographer Edy Hardjo aka Hrjoe did imagine & he imagined it in such a way that we couldn’t resist from being amazed.

Avengers going crazy behind Black Widow's bra

We can’t stop laughing when we see Humongous Hulk smashing Wolverine’s head like a watermelon, Avengers going crazy behind Black Widow’s bra, Hulk hair-styling Thor, Avengers peeping in to get a glimpse of Black Widow’s beautiful naked body, Wolverine lighting his Cigar from Ghost Rider’s flaming skull or Captain America instructing Spiderman on doing some cleaning business. All these activities are a part of human being’s usual life, but it’s not at all usual when we see Superhumans performing such activities.

Check out the below gallery to be super amazed by Hrjoe‘s photography,
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How I Found My Fit ? (Van Heusen My Fit Review)

How often has it been that you leave your home with a firm decision of buying yourself a new formal shirt or a trouser & just can’t find one? Well, this had happened with me a couple of times. I’m casual-wearing guy & don’t require formals on most of the occasions, but when I do, I require them immediately. The reason being my presentation or campus interview the next day. Now, am I supposed to prepare for the presentation or worry about finding my perfect fit? Most of the times, I don’t find one & then finally have to adjust with the ones I’ve found.

We’re different individuals in different shapes & sizes. We can’t expect a fashion brand to design clothes for each & every size. Tailor-made is the solution for such problem. But, is it an affordable solution? Tailor-made clothes require pretty much of efforts. You need to buy the fabric, find a tailor, give your sizes & then wait for long days to receive your dress. And on top of all, Fabric charges+Tailoring charges+Time invested = Pain in the ass.

So, what should we do? Don’t you worry, Van Heusen has something in stores for us. It’s called Van Heusen My Fit.
Van Heusen My Fit Intro

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Notifications of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Part III)

Notifications of S.H.I.E.L.D. has returned.

This is the final one of the series. I hope you liked the Part I & Part II. I had saved the best ones for the climax. And here you go, brace yourselves for the final part.

Let me know what you feel about this. If you have any suggestions on other Agents, drop it down in comments. I’ll be more than happy to add them to Notifications of S.H.I.E.L.D.